What could be simpler? Well, a lot actually, but it suffices to say “I PAINT” as this is my chosen medium of EXPRESSION. Why? Because paint is like creamy butter; I love the texture, the viscosity. Working with a fluid MEDIUM like paint allows me to express my artistic VISIONS. My current focus includes ABSTRACTS inspired by FASHION, COLOR THEORY and PATTERN. I also paint for specific spaces (residential and commercial decors), by customizing style, aesthetics, colors and dimensions.

In fashion and PERSONAL STYLE, I also find art. As a medium, fashion allows for great SELF-EXPRESSION. By blending FASHION and ART, I experience the greatest form of my personal ARTISTIC VISION: integration of COLOR, DESIGN and TEXTURE all to the end of VISUAL and visceral SPLENDOR.

I have more than 25 years EXPERIENCE creating ORIGINAL artworks. I didn’t really intend to be an ARTIST; in fact, prior to college, I spent most of my time on the tennis and volleyball courts. ART “found” me in college with an introductory course and quite literally changed the course of my LIFE. I now live to CREATE, DESIGN and FASHION a life for BEAUTY, INSPIRATION and JOY.

Large red kissprint followed by Val's abbreviated signature in black, both against a completely transparent background.

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